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FEDA has always had in its heart a "Dealers Wall of Distinction." In 2001 that wall was made tangible with the creation of a lifetime achievement award. Here the association honors members for their passion, commitment and service to FEDA and the industry, which mirrors that of our founder Sam Anoff.

FEDA has a second award that is called the Sam Anoff President's award, which again recognizes a member's Sam Anoff, type zeal for FEDA and the industry, yet gives the president and executive committee the flexibility to honor outstanding members who have made a positive impact on FEDA and the industry before they have served a career lifetime.

Our third award is the FEDA President's Dealer-Based Distribution Award, which is presented to manufacturers that have shown over a long period of time an extraordinary commitment to dealer-based distribution and FEDA.

All recipients for any of the following three awards are proposed by the current FEDA President and approved by the FEDA executive committee in advance of convention, where the award is presented. The president has the discretion to award one, two, three or none of these awards during their two-year term as president.