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FEDA Staff

Ray Herrick
Executive Vice President/FEDA
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief News & Views Magazine
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  • Serves as chief executive responsible for the accomplishment of the mission and related goals of the association, magazine and education foundation as determined by the board of directors
Tracy Mulqueen, CAE
Deputy EVP/EVP-Elect
E-mail Tracy Mulqueen
  • In transition to FEDA's chief staff officer position.
  • Supportive strategic planning, advocacy and operational leadership.
  • Planning for the association's first channel conference.
  • Planning and implementation of new EMS software with new member engagement, events, marketing, and communications programs.

Adela Ramos
Administration Director/Advertising Manager of News & Views Magazine
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  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Advertising (for all FEDA publications - FEDA News & Views, FEDA Membership Directory, FEDA 800# Directory)
  • Prepares media kits for advertising in FEDA News & Views Magazine
Stacy Ward
Managing Editor
E-mail Stacy Ward
  • Editor and staff writer for FEDA News & Views
  • Writes articles in FEDA News & Views
  • Responsible for news and inquiries pertaining FEDA News & Views

Amy Risinger, CAE, IOM

Membership Services Consultant
Risinger Resource Group

E-mail Amy Risinger
  • Assists with promotion and implementation of all FEDA regional meetings, teleconference seminars, webinars, and Education Foundation projects, newsletter, donations, administration and scholarships
  • Handles FEDA web site updates
  • Researches and writes FEDA First Thing
  • Writes press releases for all three corporations
  • Handles promotion of FEDA activities at the NAFEM Show
Rosie Montanez
Executive Assistant/Circulation Manager
E-mail Rosie Montanez
  • Maintains FEDA database
  • Primary person to answer the phone and field questions from members and other industry partners
  • Processes renewals for FEDA News & Views Magazine and First Thing Newsletter
  • Handles FEDA Convention Registration
  • Edits the FEDA Membership Directory and 800# Manufacturer Directory
  • Processes orders for directories, labels, subscriptions and all other association products