Here's a recap of the primary foodservice items up for class change consideration by the CCSB at the Sept. 29th meeting along with a link to the CCSB docket that provides great detail on the data the CCSB is using to justify action. We encourage members to review the details in this docket and provide feedback to the CCSB if they would like to challenge these proposed changes. The docket provides contact information at the CCSB.

  1. Ovens
  2. Ice cream makers/freezers
  3. Grease traps
The change to a density driven item on Ovens and microwaves is the biggest issue we see on this docket. Shippers of these types of ovens with density less than 10 PCF could face a significantly higher rates. Here's a short version of what the oven subject includes:


The following oven items, if passed, will be cancelled and replaced with another item
(ovens, baking, convection...)
26720...electric portable iron class 100
26740...electric stationary iron class 85
26760...iron noi Set Up Class 85/ KD class 70
26770...microwave or micro & convection combined class 85
26780...portable for tops of stoves or ranges Set Up class 200/ KD class 85
New item will be:
Ovens, baking, convection or microwave, NOI, in boxes or crates and having density of
Sub1 - less than 6pcf class 200
Sub2 - 6 but less than 10pcf class 110
Sub3 - 10 or greatere pcf class 77.5

This Oven change has NO BEARING on the commercial cooking equipment item below: (27590 S1 Class 250 AND S2 Class 85):
25400 BOILERS, FURNACES, STOVES AND RELATED ARTICLES GROUP: Articles consist of Boilers, Furnaces, Radiators, Stoves, Related Articles or Parts Named, as described in items subject to this grouping.
27416 NOTE-Not more than one warming cabinet or closet, high shelf, canopy or hood may be shipped in the same or separate package with each stove or range as an integral part of the stove or range at the stove or range class. Extra parts must be classed and packed in accordance with the respective provisions in this Classification covering such commodities.
27590 Stoves, Ranges and Related Cooking Equipment, hotel, restaurant or institutional type, gas or electric, iron or steel, see Note, item 27591, gross shipping weight exceeding 500 pounds each, viz.:
Cookers or Steamers;
Fryers (Deep Fryers);
Stoves or Ranges, see Note, item 27416;
In crates, or in triplewall fiberboard containers securely fastened to lift truck skids or pallets, subject to Item 170 and having a density in pounds per cubic foot of:
Sub 1 Less than 6 Class250
Sub 2 6 or greater Class85
27591 NOTE-Also applies on named articles containing metals other than iron or steel, provided the weight of such metals does not exceed 20 percent of the total weight.

Ice Cream freezers/makers

The following items, if passed, will be cancelled and rolled into the existing 121400, NOI item. This puts all ice cream makers under one, lower-classed item.

121420 hand or power NOI sub to density less than 10 pcf = class 110 or 10 pcf+ class 85
121440 power, brine circulating, direct expansion ammonia or fluorine... class 85
121500 freezers, ice cream, power and mechanical refrigerators combined class 85

New Item 121400 would then read:
Freezers, ice cream (ice cream makers) hand or power operated, with our without dispensers or mechanical cooling or freezing apparatus cl 77.5
**NEW NOTE: applies on hand or power operated machines that make ice cream or other froze dessert such as custard, yogurt, gelato or sorbet.
*** The new item is a clearer item; there has been some confusion over the frozen dessert maker commodities.
****this has no bearing on the Ice Cream dipping cabinets that you see that are currently under item 53180

Grease traps.

Currently there are two items for grease traps 52550 applies when they have a brass body (at cl 77.5) and 52560 applies when they have an iron or steel body (at cl 60) that are under the conduits, other than earthenware group.

If passed, the new, specific, item for grease traps will be based on density.
New item would be:
Traps or Interceptors, grease, see Note, item B-NEW, in packages, subject to Item 170 and having a density in pounds per cubic foot of:
Sub 1 Less than 6 ................... Class 200
Sub 2 6 but less than 10 ................... Class 150
Sub 3 10 or greater ................... Class 77.5