FEDA Members Returning to D.C. in Spring 2024


Tracy Mulqueen
Publisher, FEDA News & Views
[email protected]

It seems like every week brings a new regulatory proposal or administrative action intended to repress the business community. FEDA members are frustrated with the lack of congressional support and action on behalf of businesses and are similarly concerned about aggressive regulatory agency overreach preventing companies from operating and growing as they must. Despite claiming they are protecting businesses and citizens, Congress’s inaction and the federal government’s overreach, in fact, fail to improve our nation’s economic stability and security or anyone’s well-being.

While there has always been some level of dysfunction in our U.S. government and plenty of anti-private enterprise sentiment from special interests (think 19th-century anti-industrialization and anti-technology Luddites), today all kinds of businesses are especially easy targets for legislative policy attacks and relentless and punishing agency rulemaking. This is perhaps primarily due to the rapid mass distribution of all public opinions, certainly many without foundation, which, in turn, allows for the ongoing dissemination of biased and erroneous information about U.S. businesses and our economy.

But American companies and the groups that represent them are pushing back — not against technology, but by making a compelling case for the existence and value of businesses. FEDA dealer and manufacturer members will play a significant role in this effort when they return to Washington, D.C., in spring 2024 to educate members of Congress and regulatory agency leaders about how our economic system works and the essential role dealers play in ensuring economic prosperity for everyone. We will also urge our government decision makers and agency leaders to act in ways that positively support American businesses.

During the visit, FEDA members will meet with their individual senators, representatives and congressional staff to discuss our industry’s specific policy concerns, including the long list of proposed federal labor regulations that move critical business decisions from employers to government. We will explain our opposition to proposals for unprecedented union involvement and authority in the workplace, unnecessary and impossible-to-implement equipment regulations, and FTC antitrust actions that will prevent businesses from operating and expanding as needed, while doing nothing to protect competition.

These constituent visits and follow-up communications are the most powerful and persuasive advocacy tools we have as an industry and association. Although 2024 will be an important election year and some government leaders may be distracted by re-election campaigns, we will make sure they hear us and have the information and resources to represent our industry’s needs. All FEDA members are encouraged to travel to D.C. and be a part of this experience. In late November, FEDA will announce the exact dates, itinerary and other details for this D.C.-based event, which includes congressional visits, set for spring 2024.

Our voices are louder together. Let’s make sure all of Capitol Hill hears us next year.