Manufacturer Adds Mixer, Beverage Dispense and Flavoring Companies to Portfolio

Middleby announced three acquisitions in three days, expanding the manufacturer’s presence in the United States and Europe.

The first addition, on Feb. 13, was Escher Mixers, a designer and manufacturer of spiral and planetary mixers for the industrial baking industry. Escher is based in Vicenza, Italy and has annual revenues of $15 million.

“Escher is a leading provider of innovative dough handling and mixing equipment, including automated and robotic solutions,” Middleby CEO Tim FitzGerald said. “This acquisition is a perfect complement to our current bakery brands and allows us to offer full-line integrated solutions for lower operating costs and enhanced production efficiencies. We know first-hand the high quality of the company and the superiority of their products based on our commercial history and partnership. We are confident there will be a seamless strategic fit between our companies.”

A day later, Middleby announced the acquisition of Marco Beverage Systems, a designer and manufacturer of innovative and energy-efficient beverage dispense solutions. The company is based in Dublin and has annual sales of $30 million.

“Marco is a leader in innovative beverage dispensing systems. This acquisition is highly complementary to our growing beverage portfolio, and the Marco product line further expands our offerings in coffee brewers, cold brew dispense, and a variety of hot, cold and sparkling water dispensers,” FitzGerald said. “Touchless and in-counter dispense technology is rapidly gaining popularity due to space and labor advantages, along with enhanced aesthetic features. Marco is well-positioned with solutions for these growing trends.”

Finally, on Feb. 15, Middleby returned its focus to the United States with the acquisition of Flavor Burst, a technology used in a variety of flavored beverage and soft serve products. Flavor Burst is located in Danville, Indiana, and has annual revenues of $5 million.

“Flavor Burst provides flavoring systems to enhance customer offerings for soft serve, shakes, slush, smoothies, frozen carbonated beverages, frozen coffees, and frozen cocktails. This technology complements and extends the existing product offerings from our beverage group,” FitzGerald said. “Flavor Burst systems can be found in chain restaurants and retail outlets worldwide and are currently used on Taylor equipment, a natural extension of our existing offerings. As part of Middleby and our beverage brand solutions, we are excited for the growth opportunities and providing a more seamless experience for our end users.”