Adjustment Would Group Commercial and Consumer Juicers

A change could soon be made to how electric juicers are classified that would allow both the commercial and household versions of the equipment to be groups and shipped together.

The Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) will meet Feb. 11 to discuss a variety of changes to the National Motor Freight Classification, including countertop juice extractors. Currently, household and commercial juicers are considered distinct items with their own transportation requirements. However, the CCSB research has found that consumer and commercial electric juicers share characteristics in terms of size and handling, and further, carriers have reported no claims on electric juicers for the past two years.

Because of this, the CCSB is proposing to eliminate the “household” from the classification to allow different kinds of juicers to be grouped together. Instead, electric juicers would only be classified by density for shipping purposes.