EVO B2B Working Toward Total Business Solution

Thomas Lizzio, senior partner success manager

As part of its mission to celebrate organizations that push the foodservice equipment and supplies industry forward, the FEDA First Thing newsletter is publishing a series of Q&As with member companies. This week features EVO B2B, an associate FEDA members and a provider of payment processing services based in Cincinnati. EVO B2B strives to build lasting partnerships with its clients through innovative payment technologies, authentic transparency, and world-class service.

How many locations do you have?
Thomas Lizzio, senior partner success manager: EVO B2B has three locations: Cincinnati (headquarters), Anaheim, Calif., and Kitchener, Ontario.

What are your primary categories and services today?
We serve a wide variety of industries and verticals which is what makes us so unique. Our main verticals or industries would be manufacturing, foodservice wholesalers and distributors, medical device, paper and packaging as well as industrial supply just to name a few.

How many employees do you have?

Who is your customer base?
Our customer base is any B2B company.

What is your latest and most interesting company innovation?
PayFabric is our flagship product for the B2B market. PayFabric provides credit-card, debit card, and e-check processing, it simplifies PCI compliance and offers a great user experience to help your back office run more efficiently.  

How is your company making the best use of new technology?
EVO B2B is constantly looking for integration opportunities with technology and software companies. The future of payment processing is offering a total business solution that automates manual processes which, in return, saves businesses time and money.

What excites you about the future of our industry?
The foodservice equipment industry excites us because it is always growing, changing, and adapting. Our experience working with distributors and suppliers has given us a firsthand look at how the foodservice industry as a whole has evolved over the years.