AutoQuotes Announces Products API Data Management

As one of the most trusted resources for accurate and comprehensive product information for the foodservice and supplies industry, AutoQuotes understands that products are more than a model number. The company strives to reflect that philosophy in its website, e-commerce solution, ERP, and other internal systems.

To help FEDA members and companies maintain this data, AQ now offers Products API. Products API streamlines product data management and can help build and support e-commerce websites, online catalogs, and internal business systems using all of AQ’s standardized and detailed product information that a customer expects to make the right selection to sell a product.

Additionally, companies can use the Products API to update, or build a new, e-commerce website and populate accurate and up-to-date product information and pricing to keep ERP systems storing data accurate and aligned across multiple platforms. The API uses standard interfaces including Open API which facilitates the easy import of data into business systems. Once the product data is updated with AQ, the API will retrieve and deliver up-to-date product data and supporting documentation.

Please see the AQ story for more information about Products API.