Highlights Touch on Food Waste, Connectivity, Delivery

On June 4, Welbilt, Inc. teamed up with Kitchen United, Concept Services, Uber Eats, and Euromonitor International to host their first joint webcast exploring the rising trend of “ghost kitchens,” and to discuss how foodservice businesses can adapt to operating in the current climate. The webcast featured live presentations followed by an in-depth panel discussion with experts from Welbilt and the industry. Recently, Welbilt highlighted some key takeaways from the webcast including tips on minimizing food waste, Wi-Fi connectivity solutions, and addressing operator challenges shifting from eat-in to delivery only-concepts.

Topics and speakers from the webcast included:

  • Data Drives Success, with Mandy Quinn, head of foodservice partnerships, Uber Eats
    Ghost Kitchen
  • Design and Execution, with Matt Maroni, director of kitchen design, Kitchen United; Eric Oyama, director of construction, Kitchen United; and John Johnson, vice president, Concept Services
  • The Rise and Future of Ghost Kitchens, with Michael Schaefer, global lead food and beverage, Euromonitor
  • Designing for Speed, with Todd Boule, director of culinary, and Mike Anderson, director of FitKitchen, both at Welbilt.

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