AQ Announces Manufacturer ‘Coping’ Products List

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the accompanying nationwide shutdown have created a crisis for every industry, with the foodservice industry taking one of the hardest blows.

As states continue to lift restrictions and foodservice operators from all segments begin to reopen, it is clear the country is operating under the “new normal.” Hygiene, social distancing, and other safety procedures meant to combat the spread of the coronavirus is the reality for restaurant operators in a COVID-19 world, and the foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturer community has turned the new normal into innovation by creating products intended to help operators succeed.

Recognizing operator needs for the innovations and to ensure dealers and reps are aware of these products, AutoQuotes has announced a list of ‘coping’ related products from manufacturers. In the last month alone, AQ added more than 500  products to the database designed to help dealers and operators maintain safety guidelines recommended by the CDC. Dealers can easily find these items in the AQ database using search terms such as “COVID-19,” “coronavirus,” or “personal protective equipment.”

The AQ list of ‘coping’ products include:

  • Touchless disposable glove dispensers
  • Touchless hand sanitizing stations
  • Sanitizer solutions for large appliances
  • Infrared forehead thermometers

Please see the AQ story for more information about the ‘coping’ products list.