ServSafe Dining Commitment Program Certifies Guest Safety Practices

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) and ServSafe recently announced the launch of the nationwide ServSafe Dining Commitment. ServSafe, a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the NRA, has been at the forefront for 30 years preparing restaurant and foodservice workers to deliver safe dining experiences to guests while also keeping staff safe.

The ServSafe Dining Commitment comes as part of a multi-faceted program to showcase restaurants that have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the health and safety of employees and guests during the coronavirus pandemic. Participation in the program is intended to reassure returning customers that the operation is following recommended reopening guidance and safety procedures and is ready for business. The ServSafe Dining Commitment focuses on best practices restaurant must follow, including adherence to local laws set by state municipalities as well as adherence to CDC and FDA guidelines.

“We created the ServSafe Dining Commitment for operators to reassure customers that they are taking defined steps to keep diners and the restaurant’s employees safe,” said Sherman Brown, executive vice president, training and certification for the NRA. “We encourage operators, and the entire restaurant and foodservice community to join us in welcoming diners back to their dining rooms with the peace of mind that their restaurant adheres to the ServSafe Dining Commitment.”

Please see the NRA story for more information about the ServSafe Dining Commitment.