Podcast Covers Edward Don & Co.’s History and Generational Transitions

Steve Don

Many FEDA members understand intimately what it means to be a family business – and the opportunities and challenges that come along with that distinction. The latest GENeration EXcellence podcast, which tells stories about leaders of unique generational family businesses, features Steve Don, president and CEO of Edward Don & Co. In the episode, Don, a third-generation owner, discussed the history and evolution of his family company through 100 years of existence, from its start as a business with no inventory or showroom and its pioneering use of catalogs to sell equipment, to his joining the company in 1992.

The conversation touches on how Edward Don & Co. managed the transitions between generations of ownership, its culture of being a business-first company, how Don views the big picture, and how the company views its job as ensuring its customers’ success.

To listen to the podcast, please visit this page.