Recruiting and Retention Remain a Challenge for Operators

Restaurants in 39 states had positive same-store sales growth during the week ending May 16, according to the latest Restaurant Industry Performance Pulse from Black Box Intelligence, a data and insights provider for the hospitality industry.

The top performing regions for the week were the Southeast, Florida and Texas while the regions that performed worst were New England, New York-New Jersey, California and the Mid-Atlantic. Overall, the industry has now seen nine consecutive weeks of positive same-store sales growth, Black Box Intelligence said.

Recruiting and retention remains a problem. Turnover during the past six months is almost as high as it was immediately before the pandemic began, Black Box found. This is notable because in early 2020 the labor market was at full-employment levels, which was incentivizing employees to leave their current positions for other opportunities. States with the highest turnover rates for non-management employees in limited-service dining during Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 were: Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia. States with the lowest non-management turnover for the same segment were New York, California, and Oregon, as well as Washington D.C.

The full weekly Restaurant Industry Performance Pulse is available here.