Jan. 4,  2022

State Privacy Laws Creating Complex Patchwork of Rules

FEDA recently signed onto a letter encouraging Congress to pass comprehensive privacy legislation. The letter, authored by the U.S. Chamber Technology Engagement Center, and will be sent to congressional legislators.

The letter notes that in the absence of federal data privacy legislation, individual states have taken up the issue, creating a patchwork of often conflicting laws that companies must comply with to do business across the country. Further, the Federal Trade Commission is considering privacy rulemaking that would add another layer to the complexity of state laws. Rather than forcing businesses to navigate these state rules, the Chamber is pushing for bipartisan and durable national data protection.

“Data is foundational to America’s 21st-century economic growth and keeping society safe, healthy and inclusive,” the letter states. “Technologies like artificial intelligence are leading to vaccine development and expanding opportunities financially to those who have traditionally been underserved. Fundamental to the use of data is trust and a national privacy law that is clear and fair to business and empowering to consumers will foster the necessary digital ecosystem necessary for America to compete.”

To read the full letter, please click here.