TJ Perlick Molinari Brings Cross-Functional Experience to the Position

Theodore Perlick Molinari

Perlick, a FEDA manufacturer member, announced changes in its leadership structure and the creation of a new role.

Amy Huston, the company’s director of commercial sales, will transition into the role of business development manager for Perlick’s residential sales team. As a result of the move, the company recognized the need for a role encompassing the goals for both commercial and international sales.

Filling that need will be Theodore “TJ” Perlick Molinari, a fifth-generation owner and family member. He will assume the newly created role of vice president, commercial sales, and will lead Perlick’s commercial sales team while continuing to lead international sales.

Perlick Molinari joined Perlick in 2014 in the customer service division following an eight-year legal career. Since then, he has held roles as a factory supervisor and worked in marketing and international sales. Additionally, he spent six months out in the market visiting customers to help formulate the strategic plan for the company.

“TJ’s broad cross-functional experience within the Perlick organization has provided him with the knowledge of our business that few others have,” Chief Sales Officer Chris Baichoo said. “Starting in customer service, TJ has gained experience from each of his assignments at the company including operations and marketing. This broad experience helped him triple our international sales in one year. The goals we have for this role, partnered with TJ’s experience within the organization were a natural pairing that we are very excited about.”