May 2. 2022

National Restaurant Association Backs Legislation to Create New Visa Program

The National Restaurant Association held its annual public affairs conference in Washington D.C. last week, during which it continued to push for the passage of legislation that would help restaurants fill jobs left open by the ongoing worker shortage.

The Essential Workers for Economic Advancement Act (EWEA) would create a new three-year guest worker visa for non-immigrant workers. The program is aimed at expanding workforce opportunities in occupations that do not require a college degree, such as many restaurant jobs. Restaurants would especially benefit from the program because the EWEA allots a specific number of positions for businesses that promote nationally recognized safety and health programs, hire workers who have barriers to employment or have comparatively low sales per employee.

More information on the proposed legislation is available here.

Take Action

FEDA members are asked to contact their legislators to tell them to support the EWEA by filling out the form at this link.