Dormont Prides Itself on Strict Quality Standards

Dormont's new automated  leak detection cell, which is part of the manufacturer's quality testing process.

As part of its mission to celebrate organizations that strengthen the foodservice equipment and supplies industry, the FEDA First Thing newsletter publishes Q&As with member companies. This week features Dormont, a manufacturer of gas connectors for the foodservice industry.

Who is your customer base?
Our end users are mom-and-pop restaurants, large and midsize chain accounts, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and stadium projects.

What kinds of equipment do you sell?
Gas connectors/kits, water and steam connectors, gas regulators, and grease interceptors.

How has Dormont set itself apart in the foodservice equipment and supplies industry?
We invented the commercial gas connector. We make what we sell and we have manufactured over 185,000,000 gas connectors in our 70-year history.

How has the company innovated in recent years?
We continue to invest in quality and manufacturing automation for enhanced productivity. Our recent investments include machinery for leak detection during the manufacturing process and additions to our quality lab. We’re also investing in our ISO 9001 2015 certification.

How is your company making the best use of new technology?
We continue to invest in automation for enhanced productivity as well as leak detection during the manufacturing process.

How is the company growing?
Dormont continues to enjoy a dominant market share in foodservice while also providing small diameter internal tubing to several of the major foodservice equipment manufacturers. Dormont continues to gain market share in our other segments as well, namely retail and wholesale.

What challenges are your customers facing, and how have you helped them create solutions?
We have mitigated the majority of supply chain issues, however, at this time we are experiencing labor challenges like others in the manufacturing community. Our HR team is very progressive, and we expect to be at full staff by early summer.

Appliance gas connectors are an important element of kitchen safety. How do you test for quality and what standards does Dormont follow?
We make what we sell and we leak test every gas connector 100 percent. Further, Dormont is the only ISO 9001-2015 registered manufacturer of gas connectors. We exceed all agency standards and we use only 304 stainless steel.

How has Dormont adjusted to the challenges of COVID-19 and have those adjustments changed how you work with dealers?
To address supply chain issues, we increased second sourcing on component parts. We also increased our communication with reps and dealers about the challenges posed by certain component parts and how they affect product lead times. Finally, we offered special pallet promos to dealers on certain items that we can get to them quicker than our standard lead times so the dealers can have enough product on hand to service customers.

What excites you about the future of our industry?
Foodservice is constantly changing with the advent of technology as we are always finding better ways to deliver and produce food.