Strategic Vision and Mission

Our Strategic Vision
All distributors and dealers achieve business success, contributing to a thriving and prosperous foodservice equipment industry, overall.

Our Strategic Mission
FEDA provides advocacy, service and education on behalf of distributors and dealers united for a profitable foodservice equipment distribution system that provides the most beneficial service possible for customers.

Our Strategic Goals
The following goals were developed based on feedback from FEDA members, leaders, partners, and staff through consultant Tom Szafranski’s report, member surveys including convention surveys, Executive Committee, Board, large and small dealer meetings and feedback, committee feedback, and feedback from individual meetings with members. The goals below reflect the highest priorities identified across these groups.

Strategic Goal 1: Strengthen FEDA member engagement, retention, and recruitment to bolster a truly united distributor and dealer voice.

To strengthen member engagement and retention, FEDA will involve its board of directors and members in year-round organizational planning to 1) clarify and strengthen FEDA’s value proposition and 2) determine and enhance needed programs, products, and services. FEDA will also strengthen member engagement and retention by communicating with members through the best and highest use of technology.

Strategic Goal 2: Expand FEDA’s advocacy efforts to ensure member profitability and success, now and for the future.

FEDA will advocate effectively on behalf of its members by being proactive rather than reactive in its efforts. FEDA’s leaders will accomplish this by first determining the organization’s overall advocacy priorities or “advocacy agenda” and then by developing action plans to support that agenda. FEDA will also further its advocacy priorities by coordinating its efforts with industry partners that share FEDA’s advocacy interests.

Strategic Goal 3: Attract, retain, and develop young industry talent to address distributor and dealer workforce needs.

FEDA will help change the “old culture” stigma attached to the distributor and dealer profession by positioning the association and its programs, products, and services to address future distributor and dealer industry needs. FEDA will begin by recruiting young industry professionals to serve in FEDA leadership positions and guide FEDA’s strategic priorities and programs, products, and services going forward. These young industry leaders will also work with FEDA to develop ways to attract young people to dealer careers in engineering, technology, and sales. In addition, FEDA can provide support for distributors and dealers as they go through generational ownership changes. The Association can provide more opportunities for current and next generation leaders to work together to strengthen the distributor and dealer industry for the future.

Strategic Goal 4: Enhance and segment FEDA’s programs, products, and services to provide significant value to all distributors and dealers.

FEDA’s annual member conferences will be focused to help FEDA accomplish its strategic goals and support emerging distributor and dealer needs. FEDA will also present new events to support goals for attracting, retaining, and developing young industry talent. And FEDA will enhance its other programs, products, and services to ensure they provide solid value to distributors and dealers.

Strategic Goal 5: Plan for revenue growth to build a stable annual operating budget that supports strategic goals and unanticipated expenses.

FEDA’s annual operating budget will reflect an updated format, incorporate new and enhanced revenue streams, and focus on expense reduction.

Strategic Goal 6: As Goal 5 is achieved, begin setting aside annual investment income to establish a new Education Foundation-sponsored Innovation Fund. The purpose of the fund would be to develop initiatives that help distributors and dealers become more profitable.

FEDA will monitor annual investment income to consider using this income to possibly establish a fund that would support new and creative initiatives that support members.