About FEDA

FEDA's MISSION, as stated in its bylaws, is to: 

  1. Advance the interests of its members and the industry by fostering and enlarging the use of products of the industry - EDUCATION AND MARKETING ADVOCACY
  2. Protect the industry against unfair and unjust burdens and exactions by taxes, governmental regulation (and other policies that hurt distributors and dealers) - PUBLIC POLICY ADVOCACY
  3. Collect and disseminate statistics and other information of interest to the industry and provide a forum for the exchange among members of views and information respecting industry problems - RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE SHARING ADVOCACY

Who We Serve
FEDA serves distributors and dealers that meet FEDA membership eligibility requirements related to volume, operations, and ownership. FEDA members represent geographic diversity, based throughout the United States, Canada and the Virgin Islands.

Our Programs, Products, and Services
FEDA accomplishes its mission in six ways:

  • Public policy advocacy at the national and state levels
  • Education and training programs
  • Industry research and the dissemination of information 
  • Conventions, conferences, and other meetings and events
  • Communications and publications
  • Other beneficial programs, products, and services