Board Leadership

FEDA’s Board of Directors as a whole is responsible for the association’s governance and oversight and, as such, monitors and guides its overall corporate structure, its financial sustainability and budget, and its larger strategic priorities on behalf of members.

FEDA members feel well represented by a qualified and accountable governing Board of Directors that protects the association and keeps members fully informed about FEDA’s financial, strategic and operational challenges and its achievements on behalf of distributors and dealers.

FEDA’s Board of Directors provides the governance oversight needed to protect the association’s legal and financial interests and to ensure it meets strategic goals for advocacy, service, and education on behalf of distributors and dealers.

FEDA’s Board of Directors represents a membership that is composed of distributors and dealers that experience unique challenges related to their specific type of business, but who collectively share core advocacy, service and educational needs that FEDA can address and support.

FEDA’s Board of Directors:

  • Establishes FEDA’s mission and overall strategy, and revises both as needed.

  • Monitors management and holds him or her accountable for performance.

  • Selects, evaluates, supports, and replaces the CEO

  • Helps generate and safeguard the association’s resources—financial and material.

  • Serves as an intermediary between FEDA and its members, furthering the association’s cause and building support for FEDA in its wider community.

  • Regularly self-assesses its own performance as FEDA’s governance body and revises roles and responsibilities to ensure the Board is following current best practices and meeting current governance obligations.