Why Advertise With FEDA?

Would you like help reaching your ideal customer? We know it’s becoming more and more difficult to sort through all the data that’s touted to include the best contacts and leads. But our member is your targeted customer and our organization’s leaders are the leaders you most want to reach.

FEDA represents and works closely with the top 200 foodservice equipment distribution companies in the U.S., a group that generates more than $11 billion in annual sales each year, over 80% of the foodservice equipment distribution market. More than 1,800 management, operations, procurement, IT and sales professionals from these dealerships regularly receive, review and consider the companies, products and services promoted through FEDA’s unique cross-marketing program. FEDA’s distribution audience-driven content draws readers to our advertisers’ messages, building marketing bridges between advertisers and our distribution audience.

Our team is ready to talk with you about customizing these options to make them work even better for your company’s specific needs. We look forward to assisting you in every way we possibly can and hope you will contact us soon!

Please contact CEO Tracy Mulqueen: 224-293-6501, tracy@feda.com