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First Thing E-Newsletter

FEDA’s e-newsletters highlight FEDA member and industry news and the most current priorities and projects of the Association’s strategic committees. FEDA’s widely-read First Thing e-newsletter is distributed every Monday to more than 1,800 distributors, dealers, manufactures, and other foodservice equipment professionals seeking unique perspectives on the industry and the latest news about our supply chain partners, including personnel changes, upcoming events, and new products and services. Each e-newsletter ad purchase also includes a complimentary digital ad on social media following publication. Advertisers may run display ads in First Thing for a year (48 issues) or for six months (24 issues). One banner ad (800 X 100) is published in each 8-week rotation for 48-issue advertisers. One display ad (690 X 793) is published in remaining issues. $297 per either ad for 48 issues ($14,256) or $337 per either ad for 24 issues ($8,088). With membership discount, $282 ($13,546) or $320 ($7,680).

If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Mulqueen at or 224-293-6501.

First Thing Display Ads x 48 Issues
Weekly Display Ads in FEDA First Thing Newsletter

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First Thing Display Ads x 24 Issues
Weekly Ads in FEDA First Thing Newsletter

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