All FEDA advertising prices are direct prices to advertisers and include no consideration of an outside ad agency’s additional commission or fees. 

Interstitial Web Ads

Get powerful brand awareness and increased responses from thousands of individuals from your target audience through FEDA’s new pop-up and slide-in ads. These interstitial ads are placed where the highest number of distributors and dealers will automatically view them. For example, upon opening FEDA’s website home page, your interstitial ad will slide in to be seen by viewers before they may click to go to the advertiser’s website or the next page in their viewing. FEDA will permit only two interstitial ads on its website each month, so these ad opportunities are limited. Two interstitial web ads: $2,740, or with 5% member discount: 2 interstitial web ads: $2,603.

2 Interstitial Web Ads

Regular price: 2,740.00
Discounted member price: 2,603.00

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