FEDA’s now enhanced print and digital bimonthly magazine, News & Views, and FEDA’s weekly e-newsletter, First Thing, now each include compelling, up-to-the-minute industry news, information and research for distributors and dealers, as well as for manufacturers and other channel partners. Both publications also have new visually appealing contemporary designs to attract readers and partners. In fact, both publications have received 100% approval ratings for content and design and extraordinarily high readership reports from our member survey groups.

FEDA’s distribution list includes the senior management, sales and tech team members from the top 100 U.S. distributors and dealers - approximately 800 key decision makers. These individuals stay closely connected to FEDA and rely on FEDA’s news and information to help guide their businesses and prepare them to compete in their industry.

NEW VALUE ADDS                                  
Website Value Adds. News & Views full-page advertisers and First Thing full-year advertisers now receive complimentary website (feda.com) advertising for each issue published.

Member E-Blast Value Adds. News & Views full-page six-issue advertisers receive complimentary display advertising in all six bimonthly e-blasts that announce each new issue of News & Views. First Thing full-year advertisers receive complimentary display advertising in all six bimonthly member education and training e-blasts.

Annual Report Value Adds. Custom e-blast advertisers receive complimentary full-page display advertising in FEDA’s Annual Report, which is distributed at FEDA’s annual conference, through the mid-April First Thing e-newsletter, and posted year-round on FEDA’s website.

Featured Advertiser “Spotlight” Article Value Add. Each of the above noted advertisers would be the focus of a special feature story in First Thing. The story will be posted year-round on FEDA’s website news blog. It will also be distributed through FEDA’s new social media program, which will kick off in mid-May. 


Custom E-Blasts! News & Views full-page six-issue advertisers have the first option to purchase two custom e-blasts per year. FEDA distributes the e-blasts to its full distribution list and promotes them through social media. Custom e-blasts are designed by the advertiser and may include FEDA’s logo at the advertiser’s request. FEDA distributes no more than two custom e-blasts per month to its distribution list.

FEDA Chairman and FEDA CEO E-Blasts. FEDA also distributes six bimonthly e-blasts that each include essential, high-level executive messages from both FEDA’s Chairman and FEDA’s CEO. Distributed to FEDA’s full distribution list, senior leaders at our top distribution companies, especially, consider this priority reading. The e-blasts are also promoted through social media.

FEDA Annual Conference E-Blasts. FEDA distributes a minimum of four pre-conference information e-blasts between October and March each year and promotes the e-blasts through social media. FEDA’s Annual Conference occurs in March or April.

FEDA News & Views Magazine Advertising (bimonthly)
Purchase: Six full-page ads in FEDA’s News & Views magazine
Pay: $21,390 (6 at $3,565 per ad)
Receive: Value add display ads in each of the six News & Views e-blasts announcing each publication and highlighting articles AND year-round display ads on FEDA’s website (may be changed with each new issue)
Value Add: $1,710 + $4,620 = $6,300 (6 e-blast ads at $285 per ad and website ads posted year-round at $385 per month)

FEDA First Thing E-Newsletter (weekly)
Purchase: 48 ads published for 48 weeks in FEDA’s First Thing weekly e-newsletter (distributed every Monday morning)
Pay: 13,680 (48 at $285 per weekly ad)
Receive: Value add display advertising in each of FEDA’s six bimonthly education and training e-blasts
Value Add: $2,520 (6 at $420 per e-blast)

FEDA Custom E-Blasts (2 per year)
Purchase: Two custom e-blasts devoted to advertising company – advertiser designs and may choose the two distribution dates
Pay: $2,400 (2 at $1,200 each)
Receive: Value add full-page display advertising in FEDA’s Annual Report (the report is distributed at FEDA’s annual conference and through the First Thing e-newsletter and posted year-round on FEDA’s website)
Value Add: $5,000 (1 display ad in the report at $5,000)

FEDA Annual Conference E-Blasts (4 distributed between November and March)
Purchase: Four FEDA Annual Conference e-blasts distributed between November and March
Pay: $1,680 (4 at $420 each)
Receive: Value add display advertising from November through March (5 months) on FEDA’s website, feda.com
Value Add: $1,925 ($385 per month for five months)

Total Advertising Spend: $39,150 / Value Add: $15,745 / Total Value Received: $54,895
FEDA looks forward to revising or customizing any of these options for your company! Please contact Tracy Mulqueen at 708-560-5271 or at tracy@feda.com to ensure that you receive the highest value possible for your advertising investment with FEDA.