FEDA’s MISSION, as stated in its bylaws, is to:
1.     Advance the interests of its members and the industry by fostering and enlarging the use of products of
2.    Protect the industry against unfair and unjust burdens and exactions by taxes, governmental regulation
       (and other policies that hurt distributors and dealers) – PUBLIC POLICY ADVOCACY
3.    Collect and disseminate statistics and other information of interest to the industry and provide a forum for
       the exchange among members of views and information respecting industry problems – RESEARCH

In support of FEDA’s goal to “foster and enlarge the use of our industry’s products,” the Association can expand its work with its industry partners and distribution and education association partners to build support for and understanding about the critical value that distributors and dealers provide to manufacturers, design consultants, service reps and end users.  Vehicles for this work could include the use of collaborative educational and marketing initiatives, new industry standards and certification programs, conferences, publications, and online community exchanges and social media. These activities and resources can provide FEDA ongoing updated information and support to respond to channel disruptions, as needed.

In support of FEDA’s goal to “protect the industry against unfair and unjust burdens and exactions by taxes, governmental regulation” and other policies that hurt businesses, the Association can advocate on behalf of distributors and dealers and the industry as a whole by representing their interests in such areas as:
•     Construction, facilities and design regulation – Ex. mandated interior designer licensing
•     Energy and natural resources – Ex. support for Energy Star program
•     Financial rules and regulations – Ex. preserving LIFO
•     Hospitality industry regulations – Ex. joint employer standard maintained
•     Labor rules and regulations – Ex. minimum wage management
•     E-Commerce – Ex. position statement on Amazon
•     Retail and consumer products – Ex. marketplace/sales tax fairness
•     Technology and telecommunications – Ex. research/development of responsible AI technologies
•     Transportation and infrastructure – Ex. freight regulations impacting distributors

The Association can work with coalitions and organizations like these to advance its public policy interests:
•     NAW’s 20+ industry coalitions that work on policies related to taxes, regulations, labor, health care,
       e-commerce, technology, transportation and more
•     FCSI on facilities and design regulation – FCSI and FEDA are aligned on this issue
•     NAFEM and CFESA on energy and natural resources and many other public policy issues
•     National Restaurant Association and National Retail Federation on hospitality and retail industry

In support of FEDA’s goal to “collect and disseminate statistics and other information of interest to the industry and provide a forum for the exchange among members of views and information respecting industry problems,” the Association can work with distribution researchers to understand and educate distributors and industry partners about our evolving marketplace and how distributors can compete in that marketplace now and in the future. FEDA can share and exchange this information with its members and partners through its publications and conferences and other communication tools.