Sample FEDA Member Letter to Congress Supporting Restaurant Recovery and Relief

(Dear Congressman (or Congresswoman) or Senator _____________:]

As one of the most significant businesses in your district, I urge to support the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA’s) efforts on behalf of over 1 million restaurants directly impacted by the coronavirus. The NRA needs your help to provide relief and recovery for these restaurants and their 15.6 million employees.

Please support the NRA’s full requests for:

  • Direct and targeted financial relief through the creation of a $145 billion Restaurant and Foodservice Industry Recover Fund and $35 billion for disaster relief
  • Loans and insurance protections including 1) $100 billion in federally backed business interruption insurance to sustain businesses and their employees and to establish a new federal loan program to backstop lost revenue to keep workers on the payroll and support sick leave; 2) $45 billion in affordable federal and conventional loans; and 3) $130 million in disaster unemployment assistance
  • Tax programs to fix errors in previous tax bills to help facilities fund improvements and hire local vendors and service providers and more

We truly thank you for anything you can do to support the above requests as soon as you possibly can.

Thank you,