FEDA Aligns its Vision with a New Strategic Plan….and Congratulates Ray Herrick on a Job Well Done

The FEDA leadership transition is well on its way. Effective September 1, Executive Vice President Ray Herrick has confidently and without hesitation (ok…maybe just a little), turned over the keys of the FEDA machine to Chief Executive Officer Tracy Mulqueen. Ray will continue to support Tracy in some of the convention planning activities but the balance of the day-to-day operational activities have been turned over to Tracy slightly ahead of our initial plan.

Ray has done an amazing job during his 34 years at the helm of FEDA, and his pride of ownership is evident in all that he’s done for our association. While “letting go” was a challenge, his willingness to turn over the reins to Tracy on an accelerated schedule is a testament to his confidence in her capabilities and capacity to lead FEDA into the future. As FEDA’s president, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the transition firsthand and Ray has handled the passing of the baton with incredible dignity and grace. We all owe him a huge “thank you” for his tireless commitment to the organization and, as always, for putting FEDA front and center.

Under the direction of Tracy and the board of directors, we have a clearly-defined plan that will play an important role in shaping the future of FEDA 2.0. The key drivers of this new path forward include a board governance plan, a strategic plan and an operational plan. The board governance plan will allow for more oversight and strategic engagement. The goal is to have a more active board at all levels, ensuring we are more in touch with our membership and better prepared to be more proactive in our long-range planning.

Board governance will include development and approval of mission-driven strategic goals, along with budgetary and operational plans. In addition, the Executive Committee and board will focus its energy on the association’s legal, financial and strategic priorities on a policy and planning level.

The next tier in revolutionizing FEDA is the development of a strategic plan to create a truly united dealer voice by strengthening member engagement, retention and recruitment. Also of great importance, expanding FEDA’s advocacy efforts, which will include the formation of a Dealer Advocacy Council that will guide the association toward innovative ways to strengthen dealer-based distribution. The council will be charged with developing a point-by-point dealer advocacy agenda that includes goals and strategies for 2018.

The third and final leg of this all-encompassing plan is the operational plan, which will align our operations and human resources with the strategic plan. Noteworthy goals include stabilizing FEDA’s financial and human resources management processes, as well as the annual operating budget. In addition, we plan to structure FEDA staffing to support the work outlined in the strategic plan, and ensure the full use of our IMIS software to carry out a comprehensive marketing and communications program.

This is an aggressive plan and I’m confident the three “legs of the stool” will serve us well. Although, it’s important to note that future successes also hinge on our persistence in attracting, retaining, and developing young industry talent to grow our next crop of leaders. With a strong vision and a keen eye toward execution, FEDA will prosper for many years to come!