How FEDA is Serving Its Members’ Diverse Educational Needs

Tracy Mulqueen

I hope that regardless of your sales volume or business model, you feel supported and encouraged by the new ideas and initiatives you’ve heard about and begun to see rolled out by FEDA over the past year. I also want to assure you that the new products and services we’ve developed, such as our new magazine, e-newsletters and the FEDA Annual Conference, were in response to member feedback and designed to serve the specific needs of each member segment.

This commitment to supporting all our members at the highest level possible has gone into planning FEDA’s new education and training programs. We researched the latest and best learning models among industry associations and aligned those models with the needs of our diverse members—small, large, traditional, and non-traditional. For example, as we planned the FEDA Annual Conference, we thought about the impact of key industry issues and how various FEDA members view change agents like evolving channel business partnerships, the impact of buying groups and new industry technology. The Thursday and Friday morning strategy discussions at the FEDA Annual Conference will focus on commonalities in the marketplace, while looking at the unique ways dealers and distributors can differentiate their value. And while we certainly understand and acknowledge that this new world is negatively impacting some companies more than others, these discussions are intended to help us reflect on where the industry has been, the challenges we have managed to overcome, and how we can be competitive in a dynamic business environment.

You’ll also see this focus on diverse member needs reflected in the conference’s educational breakouts and peer exchange sessions, as described on page 36. And, when FEDA presents its new online education and training programs, we hope you’ll recognize the attention to diversity here as well. Learning will encompass a mix of training and educational resources for longtime management, those in operations and sales, frontline professionals, and new employees. There will be best practices and action steps for those who want to use new technology at a higher level to accomplish company goals, and multiple opportunities for E&S professionals to enhance their knowledge on multiple levels.

We’ve talked a lot over the past year about the concept of “a rising tide lifts all boats.” This can mean many things, but at FEDA
I think it could mean that if all our members succeed, our industry can succeed.