Sales Apps Assimilate and Organize Information to Give You a Wealth of Tools

By Michael Sherer
Contributing Writer

Companies seeking to excel in today’s competitive business environment have likely implemented a CRM (customer relationship management) program and an ERP system (enterprise resource planning).

While those are great for helping management understand how and where to apply resources, a new generation of sales apps provide a wealth of additional information that enable an even more detailed big picture view of their entire operation.

Sales apps make it easier to collect and crunch data. They also make it possible to create data-based tools that allow sales reps to be more effective and productive at finding new customers and servicing existing clients.

There are hundreds of sales apps available. Here’s a roundup of some of the most popular and well-reviewed apps listed by category:

These apps allow users to chat, call, or videoconference on different devices. Some have more bells and whistles than others, but their intent is to provide a way for people in remote locations to meet virtually to discuss projects.

• Zoom. Video, audio, and screen-sharing across multiple platforms.

• Skype. Videoconferencing, video/audio/text chat across multiple platforms. Skype For Business allows up to 250 people in online meetings with Outlook scheduling and Microsoft Office apps.

• GoToMeeting. Online meeting and web-conferencing tool.

• BlueJeans. Videoconferencing, video/audio calls, webinars and online sales meetings.

• Cisco Webex Meetings. Videoconferencing, screen-sharing and online meetings with file sharing.

• Video conferencing for small businesses, sales meetings/presentations.

Sales Call Analytics
These programs record and analyze inbound and/or outbound calls. The data can provide insights into why customers call or what happens on the call so you can improve the caller experience and accelerate their path to purchase. Calls are scanned for key words or phrases, and metrics like demographic data are captured to give you a better picture of customers.

• Gong. AI-enhanced phone call tracking and analysis.

• Callrail. Phone call tracking and analytics platform.

• Invoca. Call tracking and real-time call analytics.

CPQ Software
Configure Price Quote or CPQ software helps produce accurate and highly detailed pricing information for companies and their sales reps in real time so they can close sales more quickly.

AutoQuotes AQ GO. The AutoQuotes online FES catalog in a new, improved mobile app for iOS or Android mobile device. AQ GO gives users access to search and filter functionality as well as the ability to start new projects or edit existing ones. Companies may share quotes, purchase orders, and other reports directly from phones or mobile devices. It’s included free with the regular AQ license.

• DealHub CPQ. Produces quotes, tracks buyer engagement, and automates workflows and approvals; also integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

• Salesforce CPQ. Quote management software that automates quoting, contracting, and ordering.

• Qwilr. Create proposals, quotes, reports and more with interactive pricing tools, team collaboration, brand rules, in-built accept, e-sign and payments, analytics, security, integrations.

Proposal Generation
Proposal generation software typically provides templates for proposals, contracts, quotes and other documents that can be shared. More robust programs may also provide CPQ attributes and secure document sharing and e-signature functions.

• Proposify. Proposal software with customizable templates, proposal analytics, and a live customer dashboard designed for sales reps.

• RFPio. Cloud-based RFP software. With a dynamic interface, RFPIO automates import and export functions, centralizes content for proposals and security questionnaires, and facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders.

• PandaDoc. Create proposals, quotes, and contracts with customizable templates allowing for on-brand styles, themes, and personalization options.

• SmartDocs. Proposal automation tools that work within Microsoft Word, making them easy to learn and use.

Document Sharing/E-Signature
As the name implies, these apps let you share documents with team members and clients and obtain secure e-signatures on purchase orders, contracts, proposals and more.

• InsureSign. Secure software for e-signatures on laptops, tablets and mobile devices, even via text message.

• Eversign. Affordable option for reliable e-signature software.

• SignRequest. Cloud-based e-signature tool.

• OneSpan Sign. Cloud and on-premise based e-signature platform. Integrates with Salesforce.

• Others. Adobe Sign; DocuSign; HelloSign

E-Mail Tracking
Like call analytics, e-mail tracking programs analyze e-mail content and threads and provide recommendations for improving the speed and quality of sales efforts.

• Groove. E-mail tracking, sales engagement, and sales intelligence.

• SalesLoft. Sales engagement and email tracking tool.

• GMass. Gmail plugin for email marketing and campaigns from inside Gmail accounts.

• Reply. AI-backed sales acceleration platform.

• Cirrus Insight. E-mail tracking and sales engagement tool. Integrates with SalesForce, Gmail and others.

• Mixmax. E-mail tracking and workflow automation tool using Gmail. Integrates with productivity apps such as Slack, Salesforce, Docusign and Gmail.

• HubSpot Sales Hub. Sales engagement and tracking tool.

• Outreach. E-mail tracking and sales acceleration tool.

Content Aggregation/Management
A sales tool version of RSS feeds, content aggregation and management tools intelligently search the web for content of interest and value to you and your customers as well as managing your own sales information, resources and content.

• Highspot. Content organization, advanced analytics, guided selling experiences. Integrates with 50-plus certified platforms.

• Seismic. The right content for every interaction, sales and marketing enablement software that curates news, competitive intel, product updates and more.

• Guru. Knowledge management and sales enablement tool that provides the right content in the right format when you need it. Integrates with most other sales tools.

• Others. Folloze; Docurated; Klyck

Customer Help Desk
Live chat, chatbots and other tools improve interaction with customers through a variety of communication media such as phone, e-mail, websites and online social networks.

• LiveAgent. Help desk software to improve customer interactions across email, live chat, phone, and social networks.

• LiveZilla. Live chat software with multi-website support and visitor monitoring.

• LiveChat. Customer service software with chat tools, reports, analytics, and visitor tracking.

• Freshdesk. Cloud-based help desk software that streamlines customer conversations.

• Intercom. Chatbots, live chat and analytic software for lead generation, customer engagement and customer support.

• Drift. AI sales assistant software that connects salespeople with customers.

Prospecting & Lead Management
Lead databases and sales intelligence software collect, integrate, analyze and present information that helps sales reps find sales prospects and gives them insights into their businesses and the factors that motivate them to purchase.

• LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Lead and company search tool that can be integrated with CRM software.

• ZoomInfo. Lead generation tool.

• DiscoverOrg. Marketing intelligence, and lead generation tool.

• Clearbit Enrichment. Smart lead scoring and segmented list generator. Integrates with several major CRM suites.

• UpLead. Lead generator with real-time email verification, contact database, Salesforce integration, and more.

• Winmo. Sales intelligence and prospecting tool.

• LeadGenius. Lead generator combines machine learning with the intuition of human researchers.

• Others. LeadIQ; SalesExec (ClickPoint); Salesvue; ZenProspect

Sales Motivation/Gamification
These apps give sales managers the ability to motivate and incentivize the sales team through coaching, feedback, contests and games.

• Ambition. Integrates with CRM programs turning data into actionable insights like one-on-one coaching and sales competitions quickly and easily.

• LevelEleven. Sales gamification tool designed to motivate, engage, and coach salespeople.

• Gameffective. Uses digital motivation, gamification and real-time feedback to improve learning and sales performance.

• SalesKick. Simple, user-friendly gamification software that focuses on metrics that matter the most too sales teams.

Productivity Enhancers/Collaboration Tools
There are a variety of mobile apps that make work easier for sales reps, including simple productivity tools like apps that turn your smart phone into a document scanner to collaboration tools that let you brainstorm with colleagues on a digital whiteboard in the cloud.

• Ai2. Suite of apps for FES dealers and sales reps, including mobile order taking, online order entry, trade show order taking, sales AI, and enterprise content management.

• Readdle. Productivity apps for Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac include PDF Expert, Scanner Pro, and Calendars, among others.

• Trello. Collaboration app that lets you create project cards on which people can add comments, checklists, uploaded files, labels, due dates and more.

• Google Docs. Create, edit, share and open a variety of documents or templates online or offline.

• Slack. Cloud-based instant messaging and collaboration app that lets you create “channels” for specific projects that team members can use to chat, share files and organize conversations and workflow.

• Microsoft Teams. App that provides a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. Integrates with Office 365 and provides group chat, online meetings, calling, and web conferencing capability.

• OneHub. Secure online document storage and sharing platform.

• Flock. Collaboration platform that organizes conversations, apps and tools in one place so you can communicate and collaborate effectively. Create teams, channels for specific projects, and connect with third-party apps like Twitter.

• Zoho. A full web-based online office suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship management, project management and more.

• Miro. An online whiteboard for real-time collaboration.

• Cisco Jabber. Collaborate anywhere across any device including Android, Windows, MacOS, or iOS.


Design Programs
Foodservice consultants and kitchen designers have long been frustrated with the time-consuming process of learning CAD and Revit, but new tools make it possible for sales reps to draw floor plans and even 3-D elevations to show clients and potential customers.

• AutoDesk A360. View, share, comment, and markup designs on any device. Simple and intuitive to use.

• Krowne Barflex 3D. Online design tool that lets you create and edit your own 2-D and 3-D bar designs.

• KCL NapkinSketch. This new tool allows you to sketch out an equipment layout (floor plan, elevation, or 3-D) using AutoCAD blocks and Revit families without requiring a CAD program. You can export and import NapkinSketch files for later editing, or save them as PDFs or DWGs.

•           AQ Design Solutions. These feature AQ Designer, a mobile app built on the foundation of Autodesk AutoCAD, and AQD Plug-in, a tool compatible with both AutoCAD and Revit. Both tools feature drag-and-drop placement, automatic scheduling, and timesaving 3-D tools to aid in the CAD rendering process.