Agreement Brings AutoQuotes, FEDA Closer 

AutoQuotes CEO Jim Contardi

For three decades, FEDA has partnered with AutoQuotes (AQ) to provide members exclusive access to AQ’s data export product and related data-management services. Now, one year after private equity firm Luminate Capital’s purchase of AQ, members are already benefiting from AQ’s introduction of new and enhanced software, as well as augmented service and innovation.

Signaling this change, AQ CEO Jim Contardi reorganized the company’s structure and team last year to create new product and service goals for customers. He also announced AQ’s commitment to learning more about the evolving needs of FEDA members, and he affirmed AQ’s interest in working more collaboratively with the Association to achieve common goals.

During the past six months, Contardi has followed through on those commitments by working with FEDA to develop a new, more mutually beneficial partnership agreement that will continually inform AQ about member needs and provide AQ support from the Association to address those needs. After many constructive discussions, the Association and AQ have forged a formal “affinity partnership” agreement that ensures a strong year-round business, communications, and marketing relationship between the organizations to address member needs. The two-year agreement, which began Jan. 1, 2020, elevates AQ’s leadership role related to technology innovation and support for FEDA’s distributor and manufacturer members, plus continues exclusive terms of AQ database access, data security provisions, and manageable fee assurances for distributors and dealers.

AQ will work with the Association’s Industry Technology Committee, which is examining the viability of an Association-led data standards project to improve data accuracy and communication between distributors and manufacturers. In addition, as FEDA’s primary Learn Institute education partner, AQ will work with the Association’s Education Committee to provide industry-specific technology education and training.

“By redefining and strengthening our partnership with AQ, we are taking the next step to ensure we are providing our members with technology, services, and support that will help them grow and differentiate their businesses,” FEDA CEO Tracy Mulqueen says.

“We are thrilled to reaffirm our commitment to FEDA and look forward to the advances this strengthened partnership will bring in service of the FES industry,” says Jim Contardi, CEO of AQ.

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