Industry-Specific Education Completes Strategic Plan

Tracy Mulqueen
Publisher, FEDA News & Views

As most readers know, FEDA’s leaders and management team have made dramatic changes in the Association’s vision and direction over the last several years to better reflect the needs of members in today’s ultra-competitive foodservice equipment and supplies industry. The final element of our three-year strategic plan has been to rethink not only why and how the Association provides member education and training resources, but also to discover how our industry and other trade associations have approached this work. Through this process, we have identified some of the best association education models and worked to avoid duplicating the resources already offered within our industry. Our focus has been on developing learning content that is affordable and not readily available to our members online or through other organizations.

The culmination of those efforts has led us to design or source educational resources specific to our industry that will directly, measurably, and significantly impact the business performance of our members. Further, we have included testing and job applicability components to ensure individual learners retain what they’ve studied and that they experience improved job performance as a result of this learning.

In addition, just as new technologies and processes are continually evolving the industry, the Association will evolve its industry-specific education to remain relevant for each rapidly emerging generation of workers. For now, this means preparing courses for Generation Z (born between 1997-2010) and Generation Alpha (born after 2010), while still incorporating training for their Generation X and Millennial forerunners.

Although it may seem far away, FEDA and its members especially must begin preparing now to find new ways of managing and training this fourth group, Generation Alpha. Social researcher Mark McCrindle reports that Alpha children – the “most technologically-supplied group to date” – will outsmart their Millennial parents by age 8. This group will be unable to imagine working in any environment that isn’t digital and they will be the most fluent in working back and forth between digital and physical channels.

Members can gain so much by working with FEDA to help lead and participate in these new educational programs and will be asked to try new courses and provide feedback soon. For more information, please contact FEDA Learning Manager Lyn Lampley at or 224-293-6503.