Train Your Brain to Sell, Sell, Sell

Tracy Mulqueen
Publisher, FEDA News & Views

Learn 2021 will help dealers and distributors develop the product expertise they need to serve customers in the new-look foodservice market.

For the foodservice equipment and supplies industry, serving the customer means being able to sell the right product at the right time in the right way. It may sound simple, but it requires extensive knowledge about all the products operators are gravitating toward as they deploy new business models better suited for the post-pandemic market.

As product experts, our members need ongoing education and training on the equipment and supplies they sell, and they need to understand how to market and sell those products in the most efficient and effective ways. FEDA’s publications, conferences and online learning courses are now designed to help members improve their product knowledge and learn how to sell products in a marketplace that has changed drastically in a short amount of time. Today’s market requires learning about equipment trends such as automation, connectivity, space-saving options, and product speed – and understanding how to integrate individual and company sales strategies with full-on digital marketing.

As part of FEDA’s efforts to enhance equipment knowledge, this issue kicks off FEDA’s product education series for News & Views, which builds off the industry-specific product education courses already available at In addition, the upcoming Learn 2021 online educational conference will dive even deeper into helping distributors and dealers develop their equipment and sales strategies expertise through several new programs.

New Featured Product Presentations

Learn 2021 will include four featured equipment and supplies presentations. The presentations will be led by some of the industry’s top manufacturers and include videos and product demonstrations that highlight equipment focused on emerging operator trends. Session attendees may complete Featured Product Presentation tests following each session to earn FEDA Product Education Certification credits.

Online and Onsite Product Educator Booths

FEDA learned a great deal about incorporating online exhibitor booths and exhibitor needs during its virtual conference last September, including how and when to best designate time for attendees to visit exhibitor booths. Learn 2021 will offer an evolved version: Product Educator Booths, where product videos and demonstrations, as well as face-to-face interactive sessions between attendees and manufacturers, will occur during optimal times for engagement. Additionally, the number of Product Educator Booths will be limited, to maintain focus on select products with presentations that meet FEDA’s learning and design requirements. Look for Product Educator Booths at FEDA’s annual conference, as well.

Modern Sales Strategies, Digital Marketing, and Leadership

During Learn 2021, attendees will hear from industry peers about how their companies are using technology to reconstruct their sales strategies to develop more leads, attract new customers, improve product upselling and cross-selling, and retain customers. FEDA is excited to present Rand Fishkin, a passionate advocate for advancing digital marketing strategies for all companies, no matter their size or experience with digital marketing. And everyone will learn from the Mentor Up Mentor Down session where distributor executives and their young professionals discuss how they’re preparing for company growth, together. Lastly, Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec will be back for a personal conversation with FEDA’s young industry leaders on how to meet the post-COVID business challenges ahead.