Dexter-Russell: Dexter Cool Blue Grill Turner

When working a grill, there’s a lot of flipping, turning, and chopping, and every action can require a different tool. With the Dexter Cool Blue Grill Turner, cutlery manufacturer Dexter-Russell is seeking to simplify the number of tools that chefs need and help the kitchen run more efficiently.

The Dexter Cool Blue is a multi-tool for flipping, transporting, chopping, and cutting. Featuring beveled edges, it can cut onions, peppers, and mushrooms right on the grill, eliminating the need to use a knife on a hard grill surface. As Jim Bellerose, marketing manager for Dexter-Russell, points out, this protects delicate knife edges and reduces knife maintenance over time. Plus, because it can flip and chop, cooks save precious time switching between tools – time that can add up for operators that are grilling hundreds of items throughout a shift.

Looking forward, Dexter-Russell is considering ways to build on the Dexter Cool Blue with tools that can interface with robotic equipment. “There will always be a need for cost reduction, which will encourage manufacturers to look for ways to become more efficient without sacrificing quality,” Bellerose says.

What Salespeople Need to Know
Everything about the Dexter Cool Blue is designed with optimization in mind: The 8 x 3-inch blade is an ideal size for efficiently flipping or transporting product on and off the grill, and its stainless-steel construction makes it easy to clean while withstanding tough use. The precision ground blade creates an optimum flex point, allowing the turner to bend where it should when cutting or flipping, ensuring that it does not damage food products.

In addition, the grill turner features a hygienic nylon handle that can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, ensuring it won’t fail or deform during cooking as with many polypropylene turners. The nylon handle also has an advantage over traditional wood turners, which Bellerose says are not as hygienic and do not meet stringent public health standards set by NSF International (the product sanitation testing and certification organization). With the Dexter Cool Blue, operators no longer need to purchase a dedicated turner for the grill and another one for other tasks, further saving money and space. 

The Dexter Cool Blue Grill Turner is a single tool for flipping, transporting, chopping, and cutting.