Equipex: Triple Play Solution

Equipex’s Triple Play Solution groups several of the manufacturer’s most impactful technologies into a versatile countertop cooking platform capable of being placed anywhere in the kitchen – or even outside it.

Comprising a ventless hood, induction cooker, and a cast iron (or high speed vitroceramic infrared) panini grill, the Triple Play provides an array of menu possibilities for operators looking to add a second cook line to support delivery or to expand their outdoor dining menus. It’s also an ideal option for limited-service establishments such as bars that would like to add hot meals without dedicating a lot of space to kitchen equipment, says Equipex president Gary Licht.

The ability to expand a kitchen’s capabilities in a platform small enough to mount on a portable counter or fit in a pantry has made the Triple Play an especially popular item during the pandemic, as restaurants seek out quick ways to pivot their operations without requiring a costly investment. Further, the equipment is all designed to run off a standard 120V outlet, negating the need for high-voltage modifications to building wiring. “When COVID hit, it was a natural concept for curbside and takeout,” Licht says. “The portability factor makes the concept incredibly flexible as far as location within the facility.”

What Salespeople Need to Know

The portability of the Triple Play is driven by how the three pieces of technology that comprise it work together. The ventless hood, which meets EPA 202 standards, is capable of trapping grease, vapor, smoke, and odor without needing to connect the equipment to an HVAC system. That saves operators the cost of ventilation and allows the equipment to be moved virtually anywhere – making outdoor omelets on the patio a possibility for restaurants that have had to close their dining rooms.

The induction cookers included in most configurations are 90- to 95-percent energy-efficient, meaning they make a stir fry, simmer, and hold sauces while reducing excess heat in the prep area. Likewise, the panini grill is made from cast iron with a high coefficient of heat retention so that no heat is lost between batches, making it quicker to grill a sandwich or reheat a pastry.

For operators that have special requirements, Equipex offers platform modifications that raise the height of the air intake by six inches and expand the width and length to accommodate oversized cooking equipment. The Triple Play can also be equipped with optional ANSUL pre-piping to meet guidelines for local municipalities requiring fire protection.