Irinox: MultiFresh Blast Chillers

When blast chillers first came onto the market, they were primarily found in manufacturing and large institutional settings. But equipment like the Irinox MultiFresh is offering more compact and multifunctional models that are ideal for a wider range of operators, including restaurants, healthcare, education, bakeries, catering, and more.

The MultiFresh comes in configurations that are as large as a walk-in freezer, but the MF30.2 models are now small enough to fit under a kitchen worktable or can double as a stand for other light equipment, such as a cutting board or slicer. A support shelf even allows heavier items such as a combi or convention oven – or another blast chiller – to be placed on top. This means that in a single footprint, operators can now blast chill, shock freeze, thaw, proof, hold, low-temperature cook, and pasteurize without sacrificing valuable kitchen space. Use the multi-tracking-point probe to track your required (HACCP) data, then transfer wirelessly or download to a USB stick.

Although the inner workings of the MultiFresh are sophisticated, it’s designed to be easy to use. The screen on the MultiFresh features an icon-based interface, called “MyA” (My Assistant), which allows quick modification of the parameters by using up and down arrows. Further, the unit comes pre-programmed with 122 chef-inspired cycles, as well as the option to build a library of custom cycles that can be adapted to specific dishes.

The combination of those functions makes the Irinox MultiFresh a very appealing option for operators looking for a way to quickly chill and maintain food quality over long periods of time. It’s the kind of solution that comes from having a team of full-time in-house chefs that are focused on addressing operator needs, says Tim Murray, vice president, director of national accounts: “Our regional chefs work with consultants, designers, dealers, and end-users ensuring the customer gets a MultiFresh that is sized right for their operation and receives a fast ROI.”

What Salespeople Need to Know
The flexibility and reliability of Irinox’s MultiFresh is one of the big reasons the blast chiller/shock freezer stands out in today’s market. It’s the only blast chiller able to operate within a temperature range of 185 degrees Fahrenheit down to -40 degrees, giving operators a wealth of possibilities on how to use the equipment. Restaurants can low-temperature cook a roast or chicken breast, then set it to automatically chill, freeze, or hot hold. They can thaw frozen products without using a drop of water and then hold the thawed ingredients in a refrigerated state. It can even proof raw dough, melt chocolate, or dry age all in one cabinet.

All those features are possible without needing to place the MultiFresh under a hood. This saves the operator on hood costs, which Murray notes can run upward of $2,500 per linear foot. Additionally, while Irinox recommends placing the MultiFresh near the prep area, the equipment can just as easily be set up in a remote area of the kitchen, providing greater flexibility when it comes to design and layout configuration.