Vulcan: Clamshell Griddle/Grill Accessory

Operators that don’t have room to expand their kitchen are always looking for ways to speed up their output within their existing space. Vulcan’s clamshell griddle and grill accessory aims to solve that challenge by enabling kitchen staff to cook on two sides simultaneously.

The clamshell features a Rapid Recovery composite griddle plate that can get as hot as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. By attaching it to the rear of the griddle or grill, cooks can press down on top of the food, effectively applying heat to both sides. The result is a reduction in cook time by more than 50 percent for many items. A 4-ounce frozen beef burger, for example, can be thoroughly cooked in about 2 minutes and 15 seconds, compared to 7 minutes 30 seconds on a standard griddle.

“Many operators see labor savings as they typically place product, close the clamshell, and cook to time versus using a griddle weight or flipping product,” says Stacey Turek, chain sales business development manager for Vulcan.

What Salespeople Need to Know
The clamshell is made to be heavy-duty for high-volume operations while still being easy to use. The attachment features a one-hand lift mechanism that can hold the system upright so that it stays out of the way while cooks are working the grill. Durability is a priority as well, and the clamshell has a stainless-steel front, top, and sides as well as an anodized aluminum arm. Further, the clamshell is a manual design, which Vulcan says is an advantage over automated units that require hydraulics and more complex builds on controls.

Vulcan offers the clamshell attachment in 208V and 240V configurations. A rotary gap adjustment accessory allows operators to customize the device to match the height of menu items, and it can even be installed at the factory with new griddle orders, simplifying the process for operators. It’s compatible with all heavy-duty gas and electric Vulcan countertop griddles that have a 24-inch depth cooking plate. The size of the clamshell attachment itself is 10.4 inches wide and 22.9 inches deep, making it a strong option for operators that cannot add width to their cooklines.