Young Professionals Share Sales Strategies for Using Technology to Spark Growth

As digital marketing technologies become more advanced, an increasing number of businesses are seeing them as essential pieces of their sales strategies. This has only become truer as the pandemic has limited face-to-face interactions and pushed organizations to find new, remote ways to reach their customers. Today, tools such as artificial intelligence and customer relationship management systems are commonplace, but companies still need help when it comes to maximizing their impact and value.

As digital natives who are naturally more in tune with using online communication, young professionals are well-positioned to spearhead digital marketing initiatives that will reach more operators and support the sales process. To help young professionals at FEDA member companies further their understanding of digital marketing technologies and how they can use them to help their organization grow, FEDA held a Young Industry Leaders (YIL) Open Forum on Wednesday, March 3. The program consisted of a discussion panel from representatives at four FEDA member companies followed by a Q&A.

Questions the panel covered included:

  • What are some ways you use digital marketing in your role and organization? Please provide some real-world examples.
  • What are some of the most effective tools you have used to improve the impact of your digital marketing?
  • How can digital marketing technologies such as AI and automation advance sales strategies and help grow a business?
  • What is the value to your sales teams of bringing some of those digital tools in house?
  • What roles can salespeople play in developing content and messaging through digital platforms?
  • What has surprised you about using digital marketing and how your audience engages with it?
  • How can these digital tools help you better understand your customers, your colleagues, or potential hires?
  • Creating digital content and tools to draw customers in is only part of the process. How do you work with your sales team to close the leads that are created through digital marketing?
  • How are these digital tools helping your sales teams anticipate customer needs and keep them engaged so that they understand the value your company brings?
  • How do you see the use of digital marketing technologies evolving in the next few years?

A recording of the live event is available to any FEDA member on the FEDA Learn Institute website.