TriMark's Marie Ffolkes and Vollrath's Paul Bartelt Discuss How Young Professionals can Develop into Industry Leaders

Young professionals looking to take the next step forward in their careers often ask themselves and their mentors what skills and knowledge they need to become true leaders. How can they transition from someone with fresh ideas and ambition into an enduring leader capable of bringing out the best in a team of people?

The 2021 FEDA Annual Conference will answer that question during the Young Industry Leaders Leadership Development Open Forum at 12:45 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 22. The session will feature two of the industry’s most passionate believers in the value of building leaders: Marie Ffolkes, CEO of TriMark USA, and Paul Bartelt, CEO and president of The Vollrath Company. During the one-hour program, Ffolkes and Bartelt will discuss their early leadership roles, how their assumptions about leadership have changed during their careers, how their values have influenced their leadership style and how young people can build credibility and confidence in their leadership.

As an accomplished business leader with 25 years of operational, financial and global experience across several industrial sectors, Ffolkes will bring a wide perspective to the discussion. She has been an instrumental voice in many organizations throughout her career, having served as president, Americas for Air Products, a global manufacturer of industrial gasses, and being part of the executive management team for Tenneco, a maker of automotive components with annual revenues of more than $17 billion. Ffolke’s extensive background has also given her an international understanding of leadership approaches, having been based in Europe, South America, Japan, Korea and China at various points in her career.

Bartelt joined Vollrath as CEO in 2008 and was named president a year later, bringing his international and engineering experience to the company. Since then, Vollrath has doubled in size and is now an international corporation with global manufacturing and distribution. Bartelt has grown Vollrath not only through the acquisitions of brands such as Carlson and Belleco, but also by his enthusiasm for developing the young talent within the company. He has a strong belief in the value of human capital and sees leadership as a critical component of any organization’s overall health. In 2019, he shared that passion with FEDA members when Vollrath hosted a retreat for members of the association’s Young Industry Leaders group.