Irinox’s MultiFresh NEXT Packs the Latest Technology into the Seventh-Generation of Blast Chillers

By Ethan Gibble
Contributing Writer

MultiFresh NEXT Blast Chiller

Blast chillers have a long history in foodservice, but the technology is becoming more accessible to a more diverse range of operators. Decades of collaboration between chefs and engineers along with constant research and development have led to the launch of Irinox’s seventh-generation blast chiller, the MultiFresh NEXT. “The MultiFresh NEXT blast chiller has completely eliminated the stress factor in the kitchen and allowed thousands of chefs to set their products in our machines and forget about them until ready to be served,” says Ronald van Bakergem, president for Irinox North America,

Pre-programmed with more than 150 functions and the ability to add custom cycles, MultiFresh NEXT models operate from 185 to -31 degrees Fahrenheit so users can cook, proof, chill, freeze, hot hold and more within a single cabinet. The line includes high-efficiency fans that use electronic speed management as well as compressors running on R290 refrigerant to deliver top-notch results in environments up to 109 degrees Fahrenheit. This refrigerant is not only more eco-friendly than alternatives but also freezes up to 25 percent faster while reducing the freeze cycle’s power consumption by 40 percent.

Simple operation and efficient maintenance are a hallmark of MultiFresh NEXT. A redesigned 10-inch touchscreen offers intuitive swiping between pages and a refined layout that provides more room for apps and information. The newly integrated FreshCloud app lets users remotely monitor their machine, save HACCP data, receive real-time notifications and even adjust settings directly from a smartphone. A QR code on the side of the cabinet allows operators to quickly access up-to-date drawings, service history and procedures, while front access to the electrical compartment accommodates quick and easy troubleshooting. Plus, if service is required on the refrigeration circuit, the R290 refrigerant eliminates the need for refrigeration recovery or reclamation.

What Salespeople Need to Know
The NEXT line features two undercounter models and two upright models, with a capacity ranging from four to 12 pans and an ability to chill anywhere from 40 to 175 pounds per load. Despite the ongoing supply chain challenges, van Bakergem says that all NEXT units are stocked in Miami in a variety of sizes and configuration packages. “We made a large financial investment in additional inventory to ensure that we would have ample product available on hand to support projected 2021 sales,” he says. “We continue to keep our levels high to ensure that we maintain existing stocking levels so that we can weather an extended interruption to our supply chain.” He adds that parts and technical service are readily available nationwide, as are free chef consultations for all MultiFresh NEXT project opportunities.