American Panel’s HuRRiCHiLL Blast Chillers Offer a Range of Options and Sizes to Meet an Operator’s Exact Requirements

By Ethan Gibble
Contributing Writer

American Panel
HURRiCHiLL Blast Chiller

Jesse Erskin, internal sales manager for American Panel, sees demand surging for HURRiCHiLL blast chillers as their benefits become more widely understood. “And it is not just kitchens that use them,” Erskin says. “We have seen them used for a variety of other items that need to be rapidly chilled, like ice packs for meal kits.”

HURRiCHiLL uses indirect airflow to pull heat out of a food product instead of pushing cold air across it, preventing the food from drying out and yielding some of the fastest chill times in the industry. These units typically chill down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 90 minutes and freeze down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 240 minutes.

Erskin says that each machine undergoes extensive testing to meet the same standards for durability that American Panel walk-ins are renowned for. Design elements like a hinged fan assembly and easily replaceable probes, meanwhile, make cleaning and maintenance simple.

In a nod to the collaborative effort between manufacturer and end-user, Erskin points to the Quickstart feature that resulted directly from customer feedback and has become one of the line’s most popular options. “At the single touch of a button, you can run a pre-programmed cycle,” he says. “This eliminates long training, reduces labor and provides a consistent cycle every time.”

What Salespeople Need to Know
Though there are isolated component challenges and import parts issues, Erskin says the HURRiCHiLL supply chain is in great shape. “Over the last few years, we have been fortunate to have accurate forecasting to future sales and have ramped up production and inventory levels to accommodate those forecasting models,” he explains. “That has worked extremely well, even through the past year.”

The HURRiCHiLL line ranges from a 26-inch countertop unit to a 141-inch triple cart roll-in. Featuring more than 37 standard models, modular options for on-site assembly and a nearly infinite number of integrated options, the HURRiCHiLL line gives operators the tools needed to build something that meets their exact requirements. Other prominent options include casters, Wi-Fi or USB HACCP downloads and a sanitation cycle that makes it simple to keep the cabinet’s interior clean. Safer than a water bath and without the use of heat, an efficient thaw mode safely brings food from frozen to a cold hold in a six-to-eight-hour cycle.

Given so many combinations to choose from, how can dealers guide operators to the appropriate selections? Because units within the line share many of the same features but are designed for different products, quantities and configurations, Erskin says picking a model is all about asking the right questions.