Learn 2022 Focuses on Data Repository

Tracy Mulqueen
Publisher, FEDA News & Views

Over the past few months, FEDA has set up its new data repository, a database of foodservice equipment and supplies product information. As Infoverity’s Joe Leithauser explains in the Industry Insights column, the repository format includes new product data attributes developed in collaboration with manufacturers and dealers to ensure everyone is working from one comprehensive and uniform data structure. These attributes, which include new product categories, measurements, color codes and more, will only grow more comprehensive and representative of the industry over time, as manufacturers and dealers continue to update information and add more products to the database.

The project has come such a long way since it was introduced at the 2021 FEDA Annual Conference in September thanks to the contributions and support of many individuals. The association is especially grateful to the manufacturers and dealers who served on test groups to revise and enhance the repository, especially the product glossary and data transfer processes. Despite having only a few short weeks to work with the platform and provide feedback, the test groups gave invaluable guidance to FEDA and its consultants, helping to stamp out glitches and make process improvements that will ensure everyone using the repository has a relatively pain-free experience.

Excitement is swirling around this project because of the potential positive impact on dealer and manufacturer profitability. As we plow through the final stretch and assist manufacturers in completing their product data uploads in the new format, the promise of the FEDA Data Repository is taking shape. Dealers recently received an update on the status of final manufacturer uploads as well as information about how the association can provide assistance as data is added to the repository. I encourage dealers to contact me as soon as possible to discuss how we may be able to assist.

Save the Date: Learn 2022 Data Repository Training for Manufacturers and Dealers

As the FEDA Data Repository’s setup phase continues, the association will turn its focus to additional support and training through the Learn 2022 online educational event. Taking place Jan. 18-20, Learn 2022 will offer data repository training and discussion groups to build attendees’ product glossary knowledge and data template setup skills. Participants will also learn about and practice using the data transfer process between their existing systems and the FEDA Data Repository. These opportunities will allow FEDA to collect further feedback on the repository to guide future enhancements.

The feedback we receive from the Learn 2022 training will be a jumping-off point for how FEDA builds educational programming for members throughout the year, including providing additional training that addresses emerging technology needs and gives members the tools and skills they need to deliver value in today’s industry.