Cutlery Manufacturer’s Origin Dates Back to 1818

Dexter-Russell, Inc., a professional cutlery manufacturer that has maintained operations in Southbridge, Mass., since 1818, will celebrate its 200th birthday on June 16.

The company started as a small one-man shop operated by Henry Harrington in Southbridge, supplying surgical equipment and shoe knives. In 1933, the Harrington Cutlery Co. merged with a rival cutlery manufacturer, The John Russell Cutlery Co. In 2001, the company became Dexter-Russell, Inc., in recognition of its long history of brand identity.


Dexter-Russell’s 200th Anniversary celebration will include a “Dexter Day” event at the Southbridge manufacturing facility for employees and their families, which will include factory tours, food and refreshments, presentations and family activities. Dexter Day will be followed by a Gala Fundraising event at the Oliver Wight Tavern at Old Sturbridge Village, which will benefit local institutions Harrington Memorial Hospital, Old Sturbridge Village, and the Tri-Community YMCA of Southbridge.

“We at Dexter-Russell are thrilled about our upcoming birthday celebration,” said Alan Peppel, president and CEO of Dexter-Russell. “We are proud of the values and history behind our company, and we are eager to celebrate with our community.”