Fein Brothers Opens Tabletop Essentials Showroom

For nearly 90 years, Fein Brothers has helped Milwaukee restaurants and eateries find the right equipment for their kitchens, but it has long missed out on a significant portion of the market. Commercial customers would come in to purchase back-of-the-house items, then leave and head down the street to buy everything they needed for the front-of-the-house. That changed in May with the opening of Fein Brothers’ new Tabletop Essentials showroom, which features a wide assortment of flatware, china, serving solutions and glassware.

“We weren’t in the game so we decided this was the biggest growth opportunity for us,” Marketing Director Jamie Little said. The project took about four months to remodel Fein Brother’s existing showroom space at a cost of about $30,000. The showroom’s grand opening was held May 1 and it opened to the public a day later.

“Everyone who came to the grand opening had positive feedback on the space and the event,” Little said. “A lot of our customers are excited they can now get everything here from us. We can be a one-stop shop for the front and back of the house.”

The transformation from a purely back-of-house distributor to one that also deals in front-of-house items required a lot of buy-in and support from Fein Brothers’ suppliers. The company, which is a member of the Pride Centric Resources buying group, increased its number of tabletop vendors and pitched Tabletop Essentials as an opportunity for them to showcase their best sellers and hottest trends to commercial customers. 

Because it’s a small company with a staff of only 20 people, Fein Brothers also relied on those vendors to select which products to highlight and determine the best way to lay them out on the showroom’s fixtures. “It was definitely a big endeavor for us to take on and get the showroom complete and working,” Little explained. “All our vendors [helped] to get the samples we wanted to show.”

See more images from the event below: