Things You Should Know

Toward the end of every month, FEDA First Thing would like to share a small selection of recent articles from other publications that touch on issues and trends affecting the foodservice equipment market.


“Why Late-Night Business Works for Full-Service Restaurants”

By Trevor Lenzmeier, Food Newsfeed

With the restaurant business more competitive than ever, some new eateries are standing out by catering to late-night crowds that want the quality food and drinks without the hassle of finding a table during the traditional dinner rush. In this article, author Trevor Lenzmeier speaks with operators in Chicago, Dallas, and New York City about what it’s like to run an after-midnight restaurant.


“Chick-fil-A Boosts Sales, and Hospitality, with Electronic Butler Bell”

By Sarah, Whitten, CNBC

Restaurants that pride themselves on strong service and hospitality often find it difficult to incorporate new customer-facing technologies into their operations. Digital ordering boards and phone apps can’t replicate the human interaction that gives those brands personality. To bridge that gap, Chick-fil-A is testing a device that sits on dining tables and enables customers to push a button to call a server for assistance. Only three locations had the devices as of July, but franchisees reported higher hospitality scores and increased sales.


“How e-Commerce is Transforming Rural China”

By Jiayang Fan, The New Yorker

As the market for foodservice equipment becomes more global, American distributors and dealers could learn from Jiayang Fan’s story detailing how penetrated the rural Chinese market through the use of drones. The result has been a complete shift in the relationship between customers and retailers that could eventually alter the dynamic for distributors as well.