Things You Should Know

Toward the end of every month, FEDA First Thing would like to share a small selection of recent articles from other publications that touch on issues and trends affecting the foodservice equipment market.

“What Top Restaurants are Doing to Win the Labor War”
By Gary M. Stern, FSR Magazine

With labor costs rising, restaurants and other foodservice businesses are having increasing difficulty attracting employees. To compensate, operators are looking for ways to automate and become more efficient. Equipment distributors should continue to watch this trend and look for opportunities to help their customers maintain their output even with reduced staffing numbers.


“Are Empty High-End Restaurants the Next Coworking Trend?”
By Susan Johnston Taylor, Fast Company

Most restaurants experience a lunch and dinner rush, but for many hours during the day their tables sit empty. Some operators close for a few hours during those slow periods, but others have begun to cater to a new group of customers, freelancers looking for a nontraditional coworking space. Foodservice equipment distributors, especially those that offer design aid, should consider how these new kinds of customers will impact the needs and volume of the kitchen.


“Jamie Oliver On Running High Street Restaurants: ‘It’s Survival’”
By Emily Heward, Manchester Evening News

This story from the Manchester Evening News details celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s efforts to revitalize the Jaime’s Italian brand of restaurant after 12 locations closed earlier this year. Of interest to foodservice equipment distributors are Oliver’s comments about the struggles high-end chains are experiencing and the chef’s suggestion that operators may want to start thinking about their restaurants as more of a gig venue or a museum.