MDM Event Tackles E-Commerce Challenges

Modern Distribution Management (MDM) is holding a Digital Distributor Summit June 18-20 in Denver.

The summit is designed to help distributors develop and implement better e-commerce initiatives. Some of the reasons companies struggle to create lasting digital investments include:

  • Being a digital distributor isn’t just about e-commerce or selling online. There are many ways to get a return on internet-based technologies, including gaining operating efficiencies internally and improving upstream supply-chain productivity.
  • Most distributors have complex value propositions: sophisticated products, large customers with multiple buyers and plenty of unusual work environments such as plants and construction sites. Simply promoting products online isn’t enough; you should build capabilities that work for B2B customers, whose needs are very different than consumers shopping on retail sites.
  • Omnichannel means you don’t know how much of your online shopping turns into online buying. Your website may be very important to your customers, but you can’t measure it because they may look up products online and then phone them in.
  • Measurement challenges. When you launch an online website, much of the revenue that accrues there is “channel shift,” meaning you would have gotten that business anyway, but over the phone or at the counter. In addition, as an omnichannel seller, you don’t know how each channel contributed to a sale, so you’re guessing at the ROI of your web investment. Pure online sellers don’t have this problem, so it’s easier for them to justify the investments in websites and online marketing.

Attendees at the Digital Distributor Summit will learn from experts and practitioners who have faced and developed solutions to these and other issues. For more information and to register, click here.