Benchmarking Analytics to Provide Customization Capabilities for Confidential Study

This year FEDA has selected Benchmarking Analytics to perform its Profit Survey. Benchmarking Analytics is headed up by John R. Mackay and his son Taylor, who have partnered with Al Bates to provide modern industry benchmarking tools. John has over three decades of experience helping entrepreneurs with profitability analyses and has been conducting benchmarking studies for trade associations since 1982. John was previously vice president of the Profit Planning Group and in 2004 he spun off a segment to form the Mackay Research Group.

Why Benchmarking Analytics?

  1. Survey results will be delivered in an Excel Dashboard. The format will allow members to create customized reports in a more efficient and user-friendly format.
  2. Each survey participant will receive an Excel-based tool containing results. Through navigation buttons and header dropdown menus, the Excel format allows members to select the specific comparisons most meaningful to them.
  3. Members can print reports based on member-selected data columns.
  4. Each report will include data visualization and interactive graphics by ratio for the columns selected.
  5. The “What-If-Toolkit” allows the user to test different strategies for improving profitability and can serve as a basis for planning and budgeting.

Confidentiality is always a top priority in profit studies and the mechanics of this survey will be the same as in past years. FEDA will email the survey in both electronic and pdf versions, as some members like to print and view the entire form before beginning and others prefer to complete an online tool. All data supplied by members will be sent directly to Benchmarking Analytics and be viewed only by them.

We are looking forward to working with Benchmarking Analytics and believe the customization capabilities of the finished product will become a wonderful tool for our members.

Please look for an e-blast this week with FEDA Profit Survey sign up information. If you have questions, please contact FEDA Director of Finance and Operations George Maul at 224-293-6506 or