Updated Dashboard Allows for Customized Reports

FEDA’s financial benchmarking (profit) survey is underway. Members that participate in the survey will gain valuable insight that can help them make sense of the continuously evolving foodservice equipment market, through data on profit margins, asset turnovers, sales growth, and other key metrics.

This year, the FEDA Financial Benchmarking Report will be delivered in an Excel dashboard that allows participants to create customized reports in a more efficient and user-friendly format. Navigation buttons enabled users to jump to a specific section to study and select the columns of data that apply to their company. Further, data visualization and interactive graphics will help companies to better understand previously hidden patterns in the data sets.

If you would like to participate in the confidential report, please see the link at the end of this article to go to a payment page where we ask that you pay a small fee to support a portion of the survey’s costs. The fee is based on your company’s annual sales, as noted here:

Annual Sales

Survey Cost

Over $75,000,000


$25,000,000 to $74,999,999


Less than $25,000,000


You will be registered upon payment. Within several hours you will receive the links to the PDF and Excel formats of the survey and instructions. Please remember to send your completed survey to Benchmarking Analytics at the email or mailing address at the top of the survey and not to FEDA.

If you have any questions or need any assistance at all, please contact George Maul or Tracy Mulqueen at:

George Maul

Tracy Mulqueen

Survey Registration and Payment Link