FEDA 2020 Profit Survey (2019 Results)

FEDA has launched the 2020 Profit Survey which will measure the 2019 financial results for dealer and manufacturer members. The profit survey results will provide valuable operating insight to participating members and serve as a useful resource for management meetings, incentive compensation plans, budgeting, and other uses.

As a courtesy to FEDA members and in an effort to significantly increase participation, there will be no cost to participate in the survey. A large pool of participants will increase the usefulness of the data by increasing the comparability of members across size groupings. Also, for the first time, FEDA will conduct two separate surveys, one for dealers and one for manufacturers. All results will be unique to the business model.

As in past years, confidentiality will continue to be a top priority for the survey. Members will send their completed surveys directly to Benchmarking Analytics. FEDA staff will never see member submissions. 

We are looking forward to working with Benchmarking Analytics again this year and believe the customization capabilities of the finished product will continue to be a wonderful tool for our members. FEDA members will receive an email containing a link to participate in the survey on Monday, July 13. If you need further assistance, please contact FEDA's Director of Finance and Operations, George Maul, at george@feda.com.