Webinar Introduces FEDA VMC Platform

FEDA and partner Access Mobility 24 recently hosted a Product Education Video Marketing Center webinar.

The webinar, hosted by Access Mobility 24 CEO and Founder Joe Wright, introduced the new video management platform designed to streamline how manufacturers share comprehensive in-house video product education videos and materials with dealers. Additionally, the platform will help dealers and distributors increase their selling efficiency by promoting participating manufacturers directly to operators.

How It Works
FEDA loads participating manufacturer product videos and supporting collateral directly to the platform. From there, distributors can log in to the Video Marketing Center (VMC) and will then have full access to the materials to create sales, training, and marketing campaigns. Each dealer will have their own logo attached to their campaign and will have ability to load two pieces of their own collateral and link to their website. Additionally, FEDA and Access Mobility 24 will deliver reports quarterly via Excel spreadsheets with the option to request a report at any time.

The VMC is free to access for all FEDA distributor and dealer members. Through the platform, members can easily select various manufacturer product videos and collateral to send directly to operators, which will help ensure the operator receives a consistent message from the manufacturers. FEDA believes the VMC will be the perfect solution to supporting sales teams and increasing efficiency and impact in the COVID-19 world.

For additional information about the VMC, please contact FEDA Learning Manager Lyn Lampley at lyn@feda.com.